Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey, I won something!!

Alissa over at Slightly More Than Dirt gave me the Silver Lining Award!

Thanks, Alissa! You're awesome! Check out her blog, if you haven't already. Aside from having the best blog name ever and one of the cutest dogs in the blogosphere, she has great tips on saving money and living on a shoestring. She also is one of the few bloggers I know who personally responds to each comment she gets, which is completely awesome. I thought briefly about doing that, but given that I can't even keep up with posting regularly, it would be the death of me to commit to more. :)

I've been informed that, as an honored recipient, my only responsibility is to pass the award on to five worthy bloggers. Here are my awardees, in no particular order:

1. TYWKIWDBI: Pronounced "Tai-wiki-widbee" (the acronym stands for "Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog Incessantly") this blog, run by Minnesotastan, is an always-fascinating compendium of random knowledge. I've learned an unbelievable number of random facts from this site (and anyone who knows me personally knows I pride myself on my vast knowledge base of random and obscure facts!) Aside from the cool factoids, the photos on his site (on the right bar, below the categories) are some of the most spectacular I've ever seen (I think my favorite is the frog's eye).

2. Lovely Listings: Odd Finds in Real Estate Listings: Sara's blog is a fun look at the goofiness included in real estate listings. I found this site when I was looking to buy my own house, and I realized that it wasn't just Southern California's realtors who put awful pictures in their listings, and it's not just Angelenos who have crazy rooms in their homes.

3. Ugliest Tattoos: If you don't know the word "schadenfreude" then you don't know me well. I sometimes revel in the misfortune (and stupidity) of others, and that's what this blog specializes in. Enjoy the pictures of misspelled or horribly-drawn permanent ink that people are apparently proud to show off. It'll make you feel so much better about most of the decisions you've made in your life.

4. Why Women Hate Men: While it appears that Weasel might have stopped blogging again, reading back through the old posts on this blog is an absolute must for anyone who has tried Internet dating. Not only are the personal ads themselves appallingly hilarious (and sadly representative of much of what's out there), but Weasel's commentary is some of the best-written satire I've ever read. Note, this site may be NSFW (not pics, just some very off-color text). Also, check out the sister site "Psychotic Letters From Men," linked at the top left of the site.

5. Mental Floss: Billed as the place "where knowledge junkies get their fix," this is a fun mix of trivia, history, quizzes and general useless information. I always think I'm going to visit for 5 or 10 minutes and end up staying for an hour. Once I'm done reading a fascinating article, I find a link to something else I've always wanted to know. You can kill a week on this site if your boss never walks in!

Monday, January 11, 2010

More about the appearance of safety....

The other day, I wrote about how I hate all the stupid (and in many cases, useless) measures that are being put into place at airports and such to keep us "safe." I found this on the Fail Blog this morning. Wow, I feel safer already! Thanks TSA!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Can't... breathe... passing... out....

I was walking into the building here at Widget Co this morning and almost passed out. We have a revolving door that has a badge swipe on it, requiring everyone to enter individually, and only after swiping their ID badges. This often creates a line of employees at the door waiting for those in front of them enter. However, please keep in mind that the door is outside. Where the wind and infinite fresh (well, sorta smoggy) air are.

Today I walked up the steps from the parking lot (the entry is kind of on the second floor) and no one was waiting at the door. As I neared the door and grabbed by badge, I was suddenly knocked off my feet by a woman's perfume. Seriously, my nose physically hurt! Yet no one had been standing by the door during the full minute it took me to get from my car to the door! That means that, whoever she is, she had so much perfume on that the stench lingered in the 50 degree air for at least a full minute after the employee entered the building!! Seriously?? You can't tell you are overdoing it with the scent? Here's a hint: You get more than one application per bottle!

I pray for the health and sanity of whomever sits near her in the office! I would have to dump a bucket of ice water on her if she were near me. Or I'd go home ill. It was that bad. Anyone have a coworker like this?

On a sort of related note, I have a male coworker with whom I meet on a nearly weekly basis. Nice guy, average looking, but he smells so amazing that I actually look forward to our meetings. I desperately want to ask him what scent he's wearing (deodorant? cologne? shampoo?), but I'm afraid it will look unprofessional or send the wrong signals (he's married and I'm not interested anyway). We aren't friends, just colleagues. Thoughts? Is it inappropriate to ask?