Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know some of the meetings here at Widget Co. can be boring. Really boring. But geez, people, try to stay awake!! We had an all-attorney mandatory meeting today where we had a presentation on certain aspects of Widget Co.'s business -- basically the future of making, distributing and paying for widgets. Two presenters. They weren't even bad -- they didn't read their slides or anything. That didn't stop 3 of my coworkers from sleeping through the entire presentation. One of them has only been here a few months! Seriously, that's rude. You might want to sleep, or need to sleep, but you stay awake. By the end, there were 5 sleeping, but at least the additional 2 only slept a few minutes!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soooooo Natural!

When I was in high school, I would frequently hang out at the home of my then-best friend Tracy (or Tracie, Traci, depending on the day -- oh, and the "i" was always dotted with a circle). Tracy's mom was a nutjob. Seriously. She was really scary mean. She insult me to Tracy while I was standing there, or scream irrationally at Tracy while I was there. She stayed married to the man who molested Tracy. And she pronounced "squash" as "squarsh" and "Washington" as "Warshington." But she did teach me how to knit, so she wasn't all bad.

My biggest issue with Tracy's mom was her eyebrows. She was one of those weird women who pluck their eyebrows out completely and then paint them back on. I really don't get this. Why not just shape them and then fill in any bald spots?? I had a friend years ago who was an occasional Baywatch extra, absolutely gorgeous, yet she did this too. I couldn't fathom what possessed her to do it! And these women never paint them on where they should be. They're always waaaaaaay up high, so the woman's face looks perpetually surprised. Not a good look. At all.

Of course, nothing is as bad as people who tattoo them on!! I found this on Ugliest Tattoos (