Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know some of the meetings here at Widget Co. can be boring. Really boring. But geez, people, try to stay awake!! We had an all-attorney mandatory meeting today where we had a presentation on certain aspects of Widget Co.'s business -- basically the future of making, distributing and paying for widgets. Two presenters. They weren't even bad -- they didn't read their slides or anything. That didn't stop 3 of my coworkers from sleeping through the entire presentation. One of them has only been here a few months! Seriously, that's rude. You might want to sleep, or need to sleep, but you stay awake. By the end, there were 5 sleeping, but at least the additional 2 only slept a few minutes!!


weezermonkey said...


Alissa said...

Speaking from experience if this was a post lunch meeting in a darkened room, I could have been one of those sleepers. Don't feed me a big meal and then turn out the lights and expect me to stay awake!

OK, I never fell completely asleep during interminable staff development days, but I certainly felt myself starting to drift off on more than one occasion.