Thursday, June 4, 2009

HA!! I'm smarter than the average bear!

I outsmarted Big Brother! I made the comment form a full page (FYI, settings > comments > Comment Form Placement > full page) and now you should be able to comment! Even if you work here at Widget Co!! AB and Alissa, if you'd do the same, you would be able to once again receive my amazing words of wisdom!! :)

Sigh. Unfortunately, my brilliance took time and experimentation, and I tried different templates to see if that would fix it. Now it looks weird. Grrr.'


weezermonkey said...

Happy happy joy joy!

Alissa said...

Thanks! Being only smarter than the average raccoon, I never would have figured this out myself!

BikerPuppy said...

Yeah, but you also wouldn't have screwed up your blog trying to find the answer. Gah!