Sunday, February 1, 2009

Celebrating wrongdoing

~~ Guest Post By GoBucks! ~~

I have another bone to pick with the media, especially so-called "journalists." I am so sick of the Larry Kings of the world celebrating people like Ted Haggard and former Gov. Blagojevich. (I could write an entire novel about why I can't stand his show, but that's for another day.) They continue to feature them in interviews, advertising them over and over again, and giving them a platform to explain and/or defend their misdeeds. Why? Is this some kind of public therapy (particularly in Haggard's case)? Why has he been permitted to thrust himself into the limelight again, after he had finally gone away amidst a sex scandal? And who is so concerned that Gov. Blagojevich presents his "case" to the country, when he wouldn't participate in his trial and properly defend himself to the people of his state? Do the rest of us even care? He didn't even answer any of the charges, as far as I could tell. He gets the complete weirdo award so far this year, IMHO.

There are so many "real" issues that need to be addressed and that the public needs to be informed about; I wish the news organizations would leave this crap to the National Enquirer.

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BikerPuppy said...

The National Enquirer doesn't have time. It's focused on Caylee Anthony theories and celeb cellulite.