Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Local News

I live in So. Cal. We get rain about 10 times a year in a good year. So why is it that the local news broadcasts, even on a sunny day like today, have "Winter Storm Watch 2009" as one of their top stories? I understand them sending out reporters to the local mountains to show us the snow, but do we really need a reporter standing out in Fountain Valley, telling us it's not raining? Duh. How about just a short report telling us the accumulation up to now, the expected accumulation, how many days it will rain, and when it will stop?

Maybe it makes sense to those born in So. Cal, but I grew up in the Midwest, and lived in Upstate NY for a few years. They'd have a short report on the weather, only going beyond a few minutes when it was exceptionally cold (below freezing) or when there was going to be significant accumulation. Here, if it's below 50, they report on the "bone-chilling cold" (actual quote from a day it was 47 degrees), and tout the expertise of their "Meteorology Team" and their "Storm Tracker 7000" or whatever. Here's a news flash for ya, Channel 7 -- rain in HD looks pretty much the same as rain in regular def.


WeezerMonkey said...

I gotta say, even having lived in NYC, Boston, and DC for a cumulative 10.5 years, I'm freezing today! :P

GoBucks! said...

Our "news" has definitely become much more obsessed with the weather here in OH over the past few years. One or two inches of snow now becomes "winter storm watch 2009," while five inches is "blizzard 2009!" They didn't know what to do with themselves when the temp. got down below 20 degrees. It's the first story featured each night, and the last. It's important, of course - but they consistently blow it all out of proportion!